Experienced welders attending classes at our Midwest Training Center will have the opportunity to receive certifications in some of the industry’s most in-demand welding processes.

Training classes include:

  • Shielded Metal Arc (SMAW)
  • Gas Tungsten Arc (GTAW)
  • Lincoln STT and Miller RMD Processes

There is no charge for training, but participants must bring required safety gear including a welding hood, welding gloves, safety glasses, safety boots, a welder cap, leather welding jacket and tongue and groove pliers.

Individuals interested in earning some of the industry’s most in-demand welding certifications, which can create excellent career opportunities, will have their skills evaluated before starting the program.

Each participant will perform typical SMAW position welds encountered on most industrial job sites. The 2” pipe, 5-weld evaluation will be given in the 2G and 5G positions. The coupon is designed to test participants open butt, socket, super coupon and overhead welding skills. Once evaluation is complete, instructors will decide where in the program the participant will begin the training process. Participants must eventually pass the UA 21 weld certification exam.

Once SMAW field skills are verified and the UA 21 test passed, participants will fabricate a predetermined spool assembly in a position typical of the piping industry to access the retention and transfer of fundamental pipe weld skills required on most construction sites.

GTAW field skills will be verified before taking the UA 15 and UA 41 exams. Following the successful completion of both exams, the participant will TIG fabricate a spool assembly in a position with limited access to welds to determine if retention and transfer are present.

The typical training period lasts from six to eight weeks for successful completion of the program depending on the skillset of the participant.

To apply now and enroll in the Pipe Welder Training and Certification Program.